It is not only Bitcoin that ‚makes a profit‘, more than half of the FIIs traded on the Exchange had positive performances

It was not only Bitcoin that made a profit in 2020, 123 real estate funds or 64.3% of those traded (191) in B3 had positive returns

It was not only Bitcoin that ‚made a profit‘ last year and had a positive performance in December of last year. In Brazil, in the same period, although with a much lower valuation than BTC, 123 real estate funds or 64.3% of those traded (191) at B3 had positive returns.

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Thus, for example, the Ouro Verde real estate development fund (ORPD11), which presented the highest valuation in the month, had a valuation of 23.93%.

In second place was Novo Horizonte (NVHO11), with a valuation of 23.49%, and in third position was Caixa TRX Logística Renda (CXTL11), with a rise of 20.59% in the month.

In the year to December 31, only 47 FIIs or 28.14% of those traded (167) over this period had a positive performance.

In this case, the first position is Hectare CE (HCTR11), with profitability of 46.95%, followed by Ouro Verde (ORPD11), with valuation of 37.84%, and Iridium Recebíveis Imobiliários (IRDM11), which was up 31.59%.


During the Covid-19 pandemic period, from early March to late December, 75 real estate funds or 44.9% of the total traded (167) performed in the blue.

The three funds at the top of the ranking are Hectare CE (HCTR11), with a profitability of 59.39%; Iridium Recebíveis Imobiliários (IRDM11), with a return of 39.73%; and Novo Horizonte (NVHO11), with a 34.55% increase.

The data are from the SmartBrain study, fintech for investment control and consolidation.

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According to Cassio Bariani, SmartBrain’s CEO, the performances of the FIIs in November and December demonstrate the segment’s capacity to recover.

„There are many opportunities in the market, but real estate funds are equity investments and should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis such as equities. It is important to analyze the undertakings and assets that FIIs have in their portfolios and count on the help of investment advisors to make good choices,“ says SmartBrain’s CEO.